I’m back from vacation so it’s time for another Pacemaker bug-fix release. Testing went flawlessly and so without further ado, here it is…

Pre-built packages for Pacemaker and it’s immediate dependancies will be available for openSUSE, SLES, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS from the OpenSUSE Build Service once it catches up.

Debian users should check for updates Martin’s repo over the coming days and Ubuntu fans can visit LaunchPad for 8.04 and 9.10 packages.

The source tarball is also available directly from Mercurial.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.

Release Statistics


Changesets  90 
Diff185 files changed, 11051 insertions(+), 1206 deletions(-)

Project Administrivia

The next release will be in early September and there will focus on performance. Specifically I’ll be looking at CPU usage, logging and performance in larger clusters (>8 nodes).

Changes of note since Pacemaker-1.0.4

  • Update source tarball to revision: 462f1569a437 (stable-1.0) tip
  • High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: implement date expressions
  • High: ais: Fix cluster connection when using corosync 1.0
  • High: ais: fix compilation against latest corosync
  • High: Build: Fix compilation when snmp and esmtp are not available
  • High: Core: Show help text and exit with rc 1 if option processing failed
  • High: crmd: Terminate if we are ever evicted from the membership
  • High: crmd: Unset any existing DC value before querying for a new one
  • High: lrm: Look in the correct location for stonith agents
  • High: PE: Bug 2160 - Dont shuffle clones due to colocation
  • High: PE: Bug bnc#515172 - Correctly process location constraint rules which contain multiple expressions
  • High: PE: Bug bnc#515172 - Fix the boolean-op attribute of rules
  • High: PE: Fix reload for master/slave resources
  • High: PE: New implementation of the resource migration (not stop/start) logic
  • High: PE: Only prevent migration if the clone dependancy is stopping/starting on the target node
  • High: Tools: crm: new display type (uppercase keywords)
  • High: Tools: crm: support for color output
  • High: Tools: crm_resource - Advertise –move instead of –migrate
  • High: Tools: Differentiate between –help and an unknown option
  • Medium: cib: Supply an empty status section for replace operations
  • Medium: crmd: Note that dc-deadtime can be used to mask the brokeness of some switches
  • Medium: Extra: Add tools, an RA and tests for the System Health feature written by Mark Hamzy
  • Medium: Extra: New node connectivity RA that uses system ping and attrd_updater
  • Medium: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL in find_first_action()
  • Medium: Tools: crm: fix the verify exit code properly
  • Medium: Tools: crm_resource - Prevent use-of-NULL by requiring a resource name for the -A and -a options