A quick note to say that 1.0.5 testing officially started today. Release testing usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Currently queued changes for this release:

  • High (bnc#507255): Tools: crm: implement date expressions
  • High: Build: Fix compilation when snmp and esmtp are not available
  • High: Core: Show help text and exit with rc 1 if option processing failed
  • High: PE: Bug 2160 - Dont shuffle clones due to colocation
  • High: PE: Bug bnc#515172 - Correctly process location constraint rules which contain multiple expressions
  • High: PE: Bug bnc#515172 - Fix the boolean-op attribute of rules
  • High: PE: Fix reload for master/slave resources
  • High: PE: New implementation of the resource migration (not stop/start) logic
  • High: PE: Only prevent migration if the clone dependancy is stopping/starting on the target node
  • High: Tools: Differentiate between –help and an unknown option
  • High: Tools: crm: new display type (uppercase keywords)
  • High: Tools: crm: support for color output
  • High: ais: Fix cluster connection when using corosync 1.0
  • High: crmd: Terminate if we are ever evicted from the membership
  • High: crmd: Unset any existing DC value before querying for a new one
  • High: lrm: Look in the correct location for stonith agents

  • Medium: Extra: Add tools, an RA and tests for the System Health feature written by Mark Hamzy
  • Medium: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL in find_first_action()
  • Medium: Tools: crm_resource - Prevent use-of-NULL by requiring a resource name for the -A and -a options
  • Medium: cib: Supply an empty status section for replace operations