One unexpected outcome from the recent Linux Plumbers conference was the contribution of a new logo to the project by NTT.

New Logo

Quite possibly you’re now wondering how this logo relates at all to clustering and the Pacemaker project. Don’t worry, they came up with a backstory too!

In various forms of racing there is quite often someone/something setting a benchmark time or speed. This entity is often referred to as the pace-setter, pacemaker, or colloquially as a “rabbit”.

The logo is therefor a stylized pair of rabbit ears and the implication is that we’re setting new standards for cluster resource management.

As well as the logo, NTT also contributed some very professional looking banner images they’d created a Japanese cluster site they’ve been busy building up. Even if you can’t speak Japanese, be sure to check out the shiny intro movie on the front page!

banner red

banner white

I quite like the logo and the message, but I’m interested in the community’s reaction. I’ve created an online poll, be sure to let us know what you think.