The latest installment of the Pacemaker 1.0 stable series is now ready for general consumption.

In this release, we’ve made a number improvements to clone handling - particularly the way ordering constraints are processed - as well as some really nice improvements to the shell.

The next 1.0 release is anticipated to be in mid-March. We will be switching to a bi-monthly release schedule to begin focusing on development for the next stable series (more details soon). If you have feature requests, now is the time to voice them and/or provide patches :-)

Pre-built packages for Pacemaker and it’s immediate dependancies are currently building and will be available for openSUSE, SLES, Fedora, RHEL, CentOS from the ClusterLabs Build Area shortly.

Debian users should check for updates Martin’s repo over the coming days and Ubuntu fans can visit LaunchPad for 8.04 and 9.10 packages.

The source tarball is also available directly from Mercurial.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.

Release Statistics

Changesets  193 
Diff 220 files changed, 15933 insertions(+), 8782 deletions(-)

Changes of note since Pacemaker-1.0.6

  • High: PE: Bug 2213 - Ensure groups process location constraints so that clone-node-max works for cloned groups
  • High: PE: Bug lf#2153 - non-clones should not restart when clones stop/start on other nodes
  • High: PE: Bug lf#2209 - Clone ordering should be able to prevent startup of dependant clones
  • High: PE: Bug lf#2216 - Correctly identify the state of anonymous clones when deciding when to probe
  • High: PE: Bug lf#2225 - Operations that require fencing should wait for ‘stonith_complete’ not ‘all_stopped’.
  • High: PE: Bug lf#2225 - Prevent clone peers from stopping while another is instance is (potentially) being fenced
  • High: PE: Correctly anti-colocate with a group
  • High: PE: Correctly unpack ordering constraints for resource sets to avoid graph loops
  • High: Tools: crm: load help from crm_cli.txt
  • High: Tools: crm: resource sets (bnc#550923)
  • High: Tools: crm: support for comments (LF 2221)
  • High: Tools: crm: support for description attribute in resources/operations (bnc#548690)
  • High: Tools: hb2openais: add EVMS2 CSM processing (and other changes) (bnc#548093)
  • High: Tools: hb2openais: do not allow empty rules, clones, or groups (LF 2215)
  • High: Tools: hb2openais: refuse to convert pure EVMS volumes
  • High: cib: Ensure the loop for login message terminates
  • High: cib: Finally fix reliability of receiving large messages over remote plaintext connections
  • High: cib: Fix remote notifications
  • High: cib: For remote connections, default to CRM_DAEMON_USER since thats the only one that the cib can validate the password for using PAM
  • High: cib: Remote plaintext - Retry sending parts of the message that did not fit the first time
  • High: crmd: Ensure batch-limit is correctly enforced
  • High: crmd: Ensure we have the latest status after a transition abort
  • High (bnc#547579,547582): Tools: crm: status section editing support
  • High: shell: Add allow-migrate as allowed meta-attribute (bnc#539968)
  • Medium: Build: Do not automatically add -L/lib, it could cause 64-bit arches to break
  • Medium: PE: Bug lf#2206 - rsc_order constraints always use score at the top level
  • Medium: PE: Only complain about target-role=master for non m/s resources
  • Medium: PE: Prevent non-multistate resources from being promoted through target-role
  • Medium: PE: Provide a default action for resource-set ordering
  • Medium: PE: Silently fix requires=fencing for stonith resources so that it can be set in op_defaults
  • Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2286 - Allow the shell to accept template parameters on the command line
  • Medium: Tools: Bug lf#2307 - Provide a way to determin the nodeid of past cluster members
  • Medium: Tools: crm: add update method to template apply (LF 2289)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: direct RA interface for ocf class resource agents (LF 2270)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: direct RA interface for stonith class resource agents (LF 2270)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: do not add score which does not exist
  • Medium: Tools: crm: do not consider warnings as errors (LF 2274)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: do not remove sets which contain id-ref attribute (LF 2304)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: drop empty attributes elements
  • Medium: Tools: crm: exclude locations when testing for pathological constraints (LF 2300)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: fix exit code on single shot commands
  • Medium: Tools: crm: fix node delete (LF 2305)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: implement -F (–force) option
  • Medium: Tools: crm: rename status to cibstatus (LF 2236)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: revisit configure commit
  • Medium: Tools: crm: stay in crm if user specified level only (LF 2286)
  • Medium: Tools: crm: verify changes on exit from the configure level
  • Medium: ais: Some clients such as gfs_controld want a cluster name, allow one to be specified in corosync.conf
  • Medium: cib: Clean up logic for receiving remote messages
  • Medium: cib: Create valid notification control messages
  • Medium: cib: Indicate where the remote connection came from
  • Medium: cib: Send password prompt to stderr so that stdout can be redirected
  • Medium: cts: Fix rsh handling when stdout is not required
  • Medium: doc: Fill in the section on removing a node from an AIS-based cluster
  • Medium: doc: Update the docs to reflect the 0.6/1.0 rolling upgrade problem
  • Medium: doc: Use Publican for docbook based documentation
  • Medium: fencing: stonithd: add metadata for stonithd instance attributes (and support in the shell)
  • Medium: fencing: stonithd: ignore case when comparing host names (LF 2292)
  • Medium: tools: Make crm_mon functional with remote connections
  • Medium: xml: Add stopped as a supported role for operations
  • Medium: xml: Bug bnc#552713 - Treat node unames as text fields not IDs
  • Medium: xml: Bug lf#2215 - Create an always-true expression for empty rules when upgrading from 0.6