It may have seemed quiet since July, but things were actually so busy that I couldn’t find the time to publicize our new releases.

First up, the long awaited 1.0.10 is finally here. Thanks once again to the hard work of Keisuke MORI from NTT, 1.0.10 contains all the bug fixes from the recent 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 releases. You can preview the list of updates with the new online change log.

In addition to general bugfixes, the big news in 1.1.3 was the addition of a master control process and support for cman. Cman support allows us to run on top of a traditional RHCS cluster stack - replacing just the rgmanager component (more details on this in a subsequent post).

1.1.3 also introduced a new logging system inspired by the kernel and a PoC from Lars Ellenberg. It enables us to selectively enable logs for specific files, functions and even individual lines. Eventually this should result in less being logged by default.

The successor to 1.1.3 was all about performance. In 1.1.4 we managed to speed up the CIB and Policy Engine by about 80% each. So if you have 100’s of resources, you really want to be using this version (the changes were far too invasive to consider including in a 1.0 release).

Packages for all three releases are available from the rpm and rpm-next repositories on

In other news, I have also recently updated the release calendar for 2011.