The latest installment of the Pacemaker 1.0 release series is now ready for general consumption.


Changesets  85 
Diff500 files changed, 69642 insertions(+), 58270 deletions(-)

Thanks once again to the efforts of Keisuke MORI and NTT, the latest bug fixes have been back-ported from 1.1


Important changes since Pacemaker-1.0.10 include:

  • cib: Repair the processing of updates sent from peer nodes
  • crmd: All pending operations should be recorded, even recurring ones with high start delays
  • crmd: Bug lf#2509 - Watch for config option changes from the CIB even if we’re not the DC
  • crmd: Bug lf#2528 - Introduce a slight delay when creating a transition to allow attrd time to perform its updates
  • crmd: Bug lf#2545 - Ensure notify variables are accurate for stop operations
  • crmd: Bug lf#2559 - Fail actions that were scheduled for a failed/fenced node
  • crmd: Cancel recurring operations while we’re still connected to the lrmd
  • crmd: Don’t abort transitions when probes are completed on a node
  • crmd: Ensure the CIB is always writable on the DC by removing a timing hole
  • crmd: Update failcount for failed promote and demote operations
  • PE: Bug lf#2495 - Prevent segfault by validating the contents of ordering sets
  • PE: Bug lf#2508 - Correctly reconstruct the status of anonymous cloned groups
  • PE: Bug lf#2544 - Prevent unstable clone placement by factoring in the current node’s score before all others
  • PE: Bug lf#2554 - target-role alone is not sufficient to promote resources
  • PE: Ensure fencing of the DC preceeds the STONITH_DONE operation
  • PE: Ensure that fencing has completed for stop actions on stonith-dependent resources (lf#2551)
  • PE: Prevent clones from being stopped because resources colocated with them cannot be active
  • PE: Prevet use-after-free resulting from unintended recursion when chosing a node to promote master/slave resources
  • Shell: don’t create empty optional sections (bnc#665131)
  • Tools: Bug lf#2528 - Make progress when attrd_updater is called repeatedly within the dampen interval but with the same value
  • Tools: Prevent crm_resource commands from being lost due to the use of cib_scope_local

You also can see the full changelog,

As per our release calendar, the next 1.0.x release is planned for mid-September.

The source tarball is also available directly from Mercurial.

Pre-built packages for Pacemaker and it’s immediate dependancies are available immediately for openSUSE 11.2, 11.3, Fedora-13 and EPEL-5 from the ClusterLabs Build Area.

Users of more recent distributions are encouraged to use the latest 1.1.x - either from the 1.1 Build Area or the distribution directly.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.