Thanks once again to the efforts of Keisuke MORI from NTT, the latest bug fixes have been back-ported from 1.1 and another instalment of the Pacemaker 1.0 release series is now ready for general consumption.


Changesets  96 
Diff121 files changed, 8617 insertions(+), 988 deletions(-)


Important changes since Pacemaker-1.0.11 include:

  • cib: Call gnutls_bye() and shutdown() when disconnecting from remote TLS connections
  • cib: Remove disconnected remote connections from mainloop
  • crmd: Cancel timers for actions that were pending on dead nodes
  • crmd: Do not wait for actions that were pending on dead nodes
  • crmd: Ensure we do not attempt to perform action on failed nodes
  • PE: Correctly recognise which recurring operations are currently active
  • PE: Demote from Master does not clear previous errors
  • PE: Ensure restarts due to definition changes cause the start action to be re-issued not probes
  • PE: Ensure role is preserved for unmanaged resources
  • PE: Ensure unmanaged resources have the correct role set so the correct monitor operation is chosen
  • PE: Move master based on failure of colocated group
  • pengine: Correctly determine the state of multi-state resources with a partial operation history
  • PE: Only allocate master/slave resources once
  • Shell: implement -w,–wait option to wait for the transition to finish
  • Shell: repair template list command

You also can see the full changelog,

I have updated the release calendar and the next 1.0.x release is planned for mid-May 2012.

The source tarball is also available directly from GitHub.

Pre-built packages for Pacemaker are available immediately for current openSUSE (12.1, 11.4, 11.3) and Fedora (16, 15, 14) releases as well as EPEL-5 from the ClusterLabs Build Area.

Users of more most distributions are encouraged to use the latest 1.1.x release - either from the 1.1 Build Area or from the distribution directly.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.