The latest installment of the Pacemaker 1.1 release series is now ready for general consumption.


Changesets  184 
Diff605 files changed, 46103 insertions(+), 26417 deletions(-)

As well as the usual round of bug fixes, see the full changelog, S.U.S.E. has implemented support for ACLs. This means that you can now delegate permission to control parts of the cluster (as defined by you) to non-root users.

ACLs are still disabled by default, but you can read their documentation, provide feedback and decide if its something you want to use.

As per our release calendar, the next 1.1 release is planned for mid-April and 1.0.11 should be available in March depending on how quickly we can get the bugfixes from 1.1 backported.

Pre-built packages for Pacemaker and it’s immediate dependancies are available immediately for openSUSE 11.3, Fedora-14 and EPEL-5 from the ClusterLabs Build Area.

The source tarball is also available directly from Mercurial.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.