With over 400 updates since the release of 1.1.10, its time to start thinking about a new release.

Today I have tagged release candidate 1. The most notable fixes include:

  • attrd: Implementation of a truely atomic attrd for use with corosync 2.x
  • cib: Allow values to be added/updated and removed in a single update
  • cib: Support XML comments in diffs
  • Core: Allow blackbox logging to be disabled with SIGUSR2
  • crmd: Do not block on proxied calls from pacemaker_remoted
  • crmd: Enable cluster-wide throttling when the cib heavily exceeds its target load
  • crmd: Use the load on our peers to know how many jobs to send them
  • crm_mon: add –hide-headers option to hide all headers
  • crm_report: Collect logs directly from journald if available
  • Fencing: On timeout, clean up the agent’s entire process group
  • Fencing: Support agents that need the host to be unfenced at startup
  • ipc: Raise the default buffer size to 128k
  • PE: Add a special attribute for distinguishing between real nodes and containers in constraint rules
  • PE: Allow location constraints to take a regex pattern to match against resource IDs
  • pengine: Distinguish between the agent being missing and something the agent needs being missing
  • remote: Properly version the remote connection protocol
  • services: Detect missing agents and permission errors before forking
  • Bug cl#5171 - pengine: Don’t prevent clones from running due to dependant resources
  • Bug cl#5179 - Corosync: Attempt to retrieve a peer’s node name if it is not already known
  • Bug cl#5181 - corosync: Ensure node IDs are written to the CIB as unsigned integers

If you are a user of pacemaker_remoted, you should take the time to read about changes to the online wire protocol that are present in this release.

To build rpm packages for testing:

  1. Clone the current sources:

    # git clone --depth 0 git://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker.git
    # cd pacemaker
  2. If you haven’t already, install Pacemaker’s dependancies

    [Fedora] # sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    [ALL]	# make rpm-dep
  3. Build Pacemaker

    # make rc
  4. Copy the rpms and deploy as needed