Unfortunately the current wire protocol used by pacemaker_remoted for exchanging messages was found to be suboptimal and we have taken the decision to change it now before it becomes widely adopted.

We attempted to do this in a backwards compatibile manner, however the two methods we tried were either overly complicated and fragile, or not possible due to the way the released crm_remote_parse_buffer() function operated.

The changes include a versioned binary header that contains the size of the header, payload and total message, control flags and a big/little-endian detector.

These changes will appear in the upstream repo shortly and ship in 1.1.11. Anyone for this will be a problem is encouraged to get in contact to discuss possible options.

For RHEL users, any version on which pacemaker_remoted is supported will have the new versioned protocol. That means 7.0 and potentially a future 6.x release.