Thanks once again to the efforts of the fine folks from NTT, the latest bug fixes have been back-ported from 1.1 and another instalment of the Pacemaker 1.0 release series is now ready for general consumption.


Changesets  129 
Diff173 files changed, 12206 insertions(+), 767 deletions(-)


Important changes since Pacemaker-1.0.12 include:

  • cib: Don’t halt disk writes if the previous digest is missing
  • cib: Fix coverity RESOURCE_LEAK defect
  • Core: Avoid assertion error when underflowing days of the month in iso8601 date code
  • Core: Correctly determine when an XML file should be decompressed
  • Core: Ensure signals are handled eventually in the absense of timer sources or IPC messages
  • Core: Strip text nodes from on disk xml files
  • crmd: cl#5051 - Fixes file leak in pe ipc connection initialization.
  • crmd: cl#5057 - Restart sub-systems correctly (bnc#755671)
  • crmd: Fast-track shutdown if we couldn’t request it via attrd
  • crmd: Leave it up to the PE to decide which ops can/cannot be reload
  • crmd: Prevent use-of-NULL when free’ing empty hashtables
  • crmd: Supply format arguments in the correct order
  • Fix memory leak in cib when writing the cib contents.
  • legacy: Set to the minimum scheduling priority when using SCHED_RR policy (bnc#779259)
  • pengine: Bug #5007, Fixes use of colocation constraints with multi-state resources
  • pengine: Bug cl#5038 - Prevent restart of anonymous clones when clone-max decreases
  • pengine: Bug cl#5101 - Ensure stop order is preserved for partially active groups
  • pengine: cl#5069 - Honor ‘on-fail=ignore’ even when operation is disabled.
  • pengine: cl#5072 - Fixes monitor op stopping after rsc promotion.
  • pengine: Ensure post-migration stop actions occur before node shutdown
  • pengine: Fix coverity REVERSE_INULL defects
  • pengine: Fix use-after-free errors detected by coverity
  • pengine: Prevent segfault when ensuring unmanaged resources don’t prevent shutdown
  • pengine: Reload of a resource no longer causes a restart of dependant resources
  • RA: controld - use the correct dlm_controld when membership comes from corosync directly
  • tools: crm_resource - Fix coverity FORWARD_NULL defect
  • Tools: crm_shadow - Bug cl#5062 - Correctly set argv[0] when forking a shell process

You also can see the full changelog,

The next 1.0.x release will occur if and when needed (but probably not before mid-2013).

The source tarball is also available directly from GitHub.

Users of more most distributions are encouraged to use the latest 1.1.x release - either from the 1.1 Build Area or from the distribution directly.

General installation instructions are available at from the ClusterLabs wiki.