Lets try this again… Announcing the fourth and a half release candidate for Pacemaker 1.1.10

I previously tagged rc4 but ended up making several changes shortly afterwards, so it was pointless to announce it.

This RC is a result of cleanup work in several ancient areas of the codebase:

  • A number of internal membership caches have been combined
  • The three separate CPG code paths have been combined

As well as:

  • Moving clones is now both possible and sane
  • Improved behavior on systemd based nodes
  • and other assorted bugfixes (see below)

Please keep the bug reports coming in!

Help is specifically requested for testing plugin-based clusters, ACLs, the new –ban and –clear commands, and admin actions (such as moving and stopping resources, calls to stonith_admin) which are hard to test in an automated manner.

Also any light that can be shed on possible memory leaks would be much appreciated.

If everything looks good in a week from now, I will re-tag rc5 as final.

To build rpm packages for testing:

  1. Clone the current sources:

    # git clone --depth 0 git://github.com/ClusterLabs/pacemaker.git
    # cd pacemaker
  2. Install dependancies

    [Fedora] # sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    [ALL]	# make rpm-dep
  3. Build Pacemaker

    # make rc
  4. Copy and deploy as needed

Details - 1.1.10-rc5

Changesets 168
Diff96 files changed, 4983 insertions(+), 3097 deletions(-)


Features added in Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc5

  • crm_error: Add the ability to list and print error symbols
  • crm_resource: Allow individual resources to be reprobed
  • crm_resource: Implement –ban for moving resources away from nodes and –clear (replaces –unmove)
  • crm_resource: Support OCF tracing when using –force-(checkstartstop)
  • PE: Allow active nodes in our current membership to be fenced without quorum
  • Turn off auto-respawning of systemd services when the cluster starts them

Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc3

  • Bug pengine: cl#5155 - Block the stop of resources if any depending resource is unmanaged
  • Convert all exit codes to positive errno values
  • Core: Ensure the blackbox is saved on abnormal program termination
  • corosync: Detect the loss of members for which we only know the nodeid
  • corosync: Do not pretend we know the state of nodes we’ve never seen
  • corosync: Nodes that can persist in sending CPG messages must be alive afterall
  • crmd: Do not get stuck in S_POLICY_ENGINE if a node we couldn’t fence returns
  • crmd: Ensure all membership operations can complete while trying to cancel a transition
  • crmd: Everyone who gets a fencing notification should mark the node as down
  • crmd: Initiate node shutdown if another node claims to have successfully fenced us
  • crmd: Update the status section with details of nodes for which we only know the nodeid
  • crm_report: Find logs in compressed files
  • logging: If SIGTRAP is sent before tracing is turned on, turn it on
  • pengine: If fencing is unavailable or disabled, block further recovery for resources that fail to stop
  • remote: Workaround for inconsistent tls handshake behavior between gnutls versions
  • systemd: Ensure we get shut down correctly by systemd