Announcing the sixth release candidate for Pacemaker 1.1.10

This RC is a result of bugfixes in the policy engine, fencing daemon and crmd. Previous fixes in rc5 have also now been confirmed.

Help is specifically requested for testing plugin-based clusters, ACLs, the –ban and –clear commands, and admin actions (such as moving and stopping resources, calls to stonith_admin) which are hard to test in an automated manner.

There is one bug open for David’s remote nodes feature (involving managing services on non-cluster nodes), but everything else seems good.

Please keep the bug reports coming in!

To build rpm packages for testing:

  1. Clone the current sources:

    # git clone --depth 0 git://
    # cd pacemaker
  2. Install dependancies (if you haven’t already)

    [Fedora] # sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    [ALL]	# make rpm-dep
  3. Build Pacemaker

    # make rc
  4. Copy and deploy as needed

Details - 1.1.10-rc6

Changesets 63
Diff24 files changed, 356 insertions(+), 133 deletions(-)


Features added in Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc6

  • tools: crm_mon –neg-location drbd-fence-by-handler
  • pengine: cl#5128 - Support maintenance mode for a single node

Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc5

  • cluster: Correctly remove duplicate peer entries
  • crmd: Ensure operations for cleaned up resources don’t block recovery
  • pengine: Bug cl#5157 - Allow migration in the absence of some colocation constraints
  • pengine: Delete the old resource state on every node whenever the resource type is changed
  • pengine: Detect constraints with inappropriate actions (ie. promote for a clone)
  • pengine: Do the right thing when admins specify the internal resource instead of the clone