Announcing the seventh release candidate for Pacemaker 1.1.10

This RC is a result of bugfixes to the policy engine, fencing daemon and crmd. We’ve squashed a bug involving constructing compressed messages and stonith-ng can now recover when a configuration ordering change is detected.

Please keep the bug reports coming in!

To build rpm packages for testing:

  1. Clone the current sources:

    # git clone --depth 0 git://
    # cd pacemaker
  2. Install dependancies (if you haven’t already)

    [Fedora] # sudo yum install -y yum-utils
    [ALL]	# make rpm-dep
  3. Build Pacemaker

    # make rc
  4. Copy and deploy as needed

Details - 1.1.10-rc7

Changesets 57
Diff37 files changed, 414 insertions(+), 331 deletions(-)


Features added in Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc7

  • N/A

Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.10-rc6

  • Bug cl#5168 - Prevent clones from being bounced around the cluster due to location constraints
  • Bug cl#5170 - Correctly support on-fail=block for clones
  • Bug cl#5164 - crmd: Fixes crmd crash when using pacemaker-remote
  • cib: The result is not valid when diffs fail to apply cleanly for CLI tools
  • cluster: Correctly construct the header for compressed messages
  • cluster: Detect and warn about node names with capitals
  • Core: remove the mainloop_trigger that are no longer needed.
  • corosync: Ensure removed peers are erased from all caches
  • cpg: Correctly free sent messages
  • crmd: Prevent messages for remote crmd clients from being relayed to wrong daemons
  • crmd: Properly handle recurring monitor operations for remote-node agent
  • crm_mon: Bug cl#5167 - Only print “stopped” node list for incomplete clone sets
  • crm_node: Return 0 if –remove passed
  • fencing: Correctly detect existing device entries when registering a new one
  • lrmd: Prevent use-of-NULL in client library
  • pengine: cl5164 - Fixes pengine segfault when calculating transition with remote-nodes.
  • pengine: Do the right thing when admins specify the internal resource instead of the clone
  • pengine: Re-allow ordering constraints with fencing devices now that it is safe to do so